Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My New Business Cards including my logo

Woo hoo... I've finally received my new business cards which have my beautiful logo on them.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Peter and Luke from MBE Hurstville for their amazing design.

I'm oh so happy with it all.

Nat xx


  1. Nice choice of design! A classic black and white with a little touch of pink color has a sweet touch on it. I love the overall layout of your card, particularly the chandelier design. Its elegant appearance will surely make a good impression not only to your business, but to you as well. It’s been a year, I hope you’re still keeping your card that way.

    Madeleine Truman

  2. Nice! You have chosen great colors for your business card. Just enough not to look boring and over detailed that you can't understand which is the business' name and the owner's name. Having business cards is a great motivation for you to push your business forward. I hope that everything is doing well.

    Emedia Creative

  3. The design of your business cards somewhat have an effect on your way of promoting your venture. If your customers are happy with it, then there's a huge chance that they will love your business too, so you have to put in the effort in creating one. Be sure that you choose the right color, design, and information, that you will have on it.

    Retta Langevin @ Turf Signs