Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Vintage Rose and Doily Inspired 32nd Birthday Party

My 32nd birthday was coming up and I thought that I must have a simple and elegant party which fits me to a tee.

So this is what I came up with...My Vintage Rose and Doily Inspired Birthday Party.

I used vintage doilys all throughout the table and a doily bunting for a backdrop along with wall mounted candle holders and a blackboard. I incorporated Red roses in various places on the table to brighten up the white and beige color palette. All these elements combined gave the table its vintage look.

The cake was displayed in my beautiful vintage birdcage.

Chocolates were placed on my gold vintage photo frames and elevated using my Pottery stand.

Custard tarts were also placed on a photo frame with beautifully handpainted cookies.

Rock candy was placed in a candle holder with leaves surrounding them and were called flower candy.

The glass drinking bottles were decorated using the same decor as the chocolates and printables.

Cookies and cupcakes were also made to tie in with the theme. They had beautiful doily/lace print and one red rose on eash of them.

Nougat was placed inside my favorite vintage tea cup along with some other hand painted cookies.

My favorite vintage sugar and creamer set held the meringue and cream desserts which were sprinkled with rose petals.

Bon bons were placed inside my sweet pea lolly jar which was decorated with my favorite vintage bracelet. It actually looked like a feminine mannequin.

Mango jelly pannacottas were served inside my vintage glasses which were elevated using a vintage book.

One cupcake was elevated in my beautiful vintage candle holder while another cupcake was inside a mini birdcage.

The element that was my favorite on the table was my apple and berry arrangement which I made. I've had an obsession with apple bouquets for a while now and I knew that I have to incorporate one of these bouquets. The vintage effect of one of these bouquets is amazing.

I've included a night shot to show you how amazing it looked with all the candles alight.

Nat xx

Credits -
Concept, Styling & Photography - Events by Nat
Cake, Cupcakes and Cookies - Cupcake Dolly

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