Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Money, Money, Money Dessert Table

I created this table for my sisters birthday. My sister is a Financial Planner and since I can remember has thought in Dollar Signs. This is the reason for the Money, Money, Money inspired table. I chose the colours black, white and gold to create the elegance and class that money can buy. Gold had to be incorporated into the table as no other colour screams money more than gold.

The backdrop was designed and crafted by me out of small black and white American Dollar Bills. Each fan in the backdrop was made out of multiples of dollar bills combined together. Hours of work went into crafting the backdrop.

The centre of the table was the cake and the gold bullion which I used to display the American dollar bill cookies.
I included some money bags with chocolate wrapped in the American Dollar Bills and chocolate gold coins to symbolize the banks which hold our money and off course because she works for one if these banks.

Other sweet treats included, dollar cake pops, money, money money cupcakes, money, money, money cookies, money rosette pannacottas, gold bullion marshmallows and gold nugget sixlets.

Nat xxx
Concept, styling and photography - Events by Nat 
Cake, cupcakes, cookies and marshmallows - Blissfully Sweet (
Cake pops and and pannacotta - Events by Nat


  1. Super cute! I love it that it was for your sister's birthday - great theme!

    1. Thanks so much. She did love it. She did wish the dollar bills were all real. :)