Monday, 22 April 2013

Ring The Bell's of Love (A rustic gold and burlap dessert table)

I often get asked what inspires me to create a dessert table or come up with a chosen concept. More often than not I can say its one item you see on that actual dessert table that I've come across during my travels and can't wait to use.
With this concept shoot - Ring The Bell's Of Love, the rustic bell which is hanging to the side of the dessert table was my main inspiration. I came across this bell during my travels to the Southern Highlands. As soon as I saw this bell ideas started swirling in my head. A very common occurrence for me as this happens with a multitude of items I come across. The bell is rustic and has a very natural and earthly feel. These elements were applied to the dessert table and the desserts which graced the table.

To start of with the cake design was basic yet effective. Wooden letters spelling the word "LOVE" were applied to the burlap which lined the bottom of the cake. A lovely rustic statue of a couple holding the "Bell's Of Love" was placed as the cake topper.

The other desserts included -
Vanilla swirl cupcakes with "Ring The Bell's Of Love" toppers. These cupcakes were kept simple to maintain the rustic and natural feel.
Heart cookies with gold fondant heart toppers were also kept natural to complement the natural desserts.
Vanilla and white chocolate cakepops with gold sprinkles were placed on top of blocks which spelt the word love.
Salted caramel macarons and vanilla macarons were embellished with gold fondant heart toppers.
Vanilla mousse was served with a heart cookie which was embellished with twine to maintain the simple natural earthly feel.
White mints
Natural wrapped chocolates which complemented the natural desserts and embellished jars with white chocolate truffles were used as favors for the guests.
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Concept, styling, photography - Events By Nat
Cake base - Blissfully Sweet

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